OSHO Meditations in LA

"Meditation is enough. Eveything else follows on its own." - Osho

Time to get real, time to meditate! Join us for the world's most innovative meditation techniques created by the Indian Mystic Osho.

OshoLA is dedicated to spreading OSHO Active Meditations in Los Angeles and to build community.

OSHO LOS ANGELES is pleased to announce a special Meditation Workshop with Anil: August 28th to September 2nd.

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Instructions will be given at the beginning of each meditation.

Fri, Aug. 14, 5:30 pm: OSHO HEART MEDITATION

Based on a small fragment from Atisha, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, you allow all the suffering – of yourself and of all the beings in the world – to ride on your incoming breath and reach your heart. The heart can do miracles, it immediately transforms the energy. You drink in misery, and it is transformed into blissfulness. Then, on your outgoing breath you pour that blissfulness into the whole existence.

Sat, Aug. 15, 5:30 pm: Modified OSHO DYNAMIC MEDITATION

This meditation has 5 stages: Chaotic breathing - Explode and throw everything out - Raise your arms up above your head shout Hoo - Freeze and be silent - Dance and Celebrate. Stay conscious and alert throughout this meditation. It can be done in a silent fashion, expressing through the body.

Sun, Aug. 16, 4:00 pm: ASTROLOGY FOR MEDITATORS with Pashyo


Learn the basics of astrology, like signs, planets and houses and how to read your birth chart. Become aware of your gifts and talents and of old habits and unconscious behaviors. Experience the witnessing consciousness that remains unidentified. Check out my website www.pashyo.com and read through some of the topics that we will be covering.

"The universe is a living body, an organic unit. In it nothing is isolated, all is joined together. Whatever is far away is joined to that which is near. Nothings is separate...Life is a whole. If you can perceive this wholeness, only then will you understand astrology." OSHO


This meditation is based on a method of Gautama the Buddha. It is for practicing awareness, watchfulness, mindfulness, witnessing. We will start with high energy dancing.

Mon, Aug. 17, 5:30 pm: OSHO EVENING MEETING

The meeting starts with 20 minutes of high-energy music for dancing with totality interrupted by sudden stops, followed by silent sitting and listening to intermittent pieces of Indian music, up until three “explosive” drumbeats. The sitting then continues through the Osho Talk on video until the Gibberish and Let-Go.

Tue, Aug. 18, 5:30 pm: OSHO CHAKRA BREATHING

This active meditation uses deep, rapid breathing and body movement to open and bring awareness, vitality and silence to each of the seven chakras and thus into your life.

Wed, Aug. 19, 5:30 pm: OSHO MAHAMUDRA

This meditation is a meeting between you and the cosmos, between you and the whole of existence. It helps you to merge, melt and let-go on the deepest level possible. It works with latihan, allowing involuntary body movements, and prayer meditation.


Guided dance meditation and freeze dance to drum music.

Fri, Aug. 21, 5:30 pm: OSHO NO DIMENSIONS

This active centering meditation is based on Sufi techniques, further developed and expanded by Osho. Using the breath and a series of coordinated body movements followed by whirling, your energy becomes centered in the hara, the “life energy” center below the navel.

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